Balkan Cybersecurity Days 2023, North Macedonia

Organised in the context of the project ‘Good Governance in Cybersecurity in the Western Balkans’,
generously supported by the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.
16-18 May 2023 at Hotel Unique, Ohrid, North Macedonia

Information about the event:

BCD | Plenary Presentations 

  1. Best Practices in Cyber Threat Information Exchange – Chris Gibson
  2. Norms, CBMs and Incident Response – Serge Droz
  3. DDoS Attacks – Vladislav Bidikov
  4. Incident Handling and Security Technologies – Atdhe Buja and Blent Kurtalani
  5. Python for Effective Cybersecurity – Valentin Lekov
  6. GrapheneOS Security – Matej Kovačič
  7. Privacy-enhancing Technologies – Mickov Saso
  8. Process of Destroying Phishing Sites – Kristijan Angelovski
  9. Cyber Intelligence and Terrorism in Medical Field – Emanuela Dyrmishi