Privacy policy

Достапно на / Dispozicion në: македонски (Macedonian) Albanian (Albanian)

Your privacy shall be fully respected during the visit to our web-site. We do not collect personal information about you, unless you choose to send us a message by e-mail where you are voluntarily giving your personal data (name, surname, contact information). The nature of the Internet is such that it passively and automatically collects data about the habits of Internet users, who are identified by their IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. Those IP addresses are different for each Internet user and are assigned by the ISPs. IP address alone is not sufficient to identify a person, but in cooperation with the ISPs the exact person may be discovered. Therefore, the IP address is deemed personal data and is protected by law.

Personal data of visitors to our web-site obtained for the purpose of submitting a security incident report shall be available only to the MKD-CIRT Team, and only for the above mentioned purpose. The MKD-CIRT Team shall be legally obliged to keep secret all information (including the personal data) obtained through during the performance of its work duties.

The MKD-CIRT Team may not fully guarantee the privacy of the electronic communications, so please do not send personal information of sensitive nature by e-mail.

Server logs: Our servers shall automatically record information on the visits to our website. These records are statistical indicators that we use to improve the web-site, through which we follow the habits and preferences of our web-site visitors for the purpose of improving its quality and services offered. Your IP address, type of internet browser, OS type, duration of the visit at the web-site, and the content you are watching is recorded as statistical data in aggregate form. We do not use these data in combination with other data to identify specific individuals. However, we reserve the right to review these records and use the data recorded therein for security reasons, such as intrusion detection of the MKD-CIRT computer system. Comparing these data with the data held by ISPs (using the IP address) may reveal the perpetrator of such crime.

“Cookies” are small text files stored on your computer to monitor your browser activity on a web-site’s page. On the MKD-CIRT side, there are only “cookies” that disappear after the internet browser is closed, as opposed to those which remain saved on your PC for years, even decades. With the help of such files, the MKD-CIRT Team monitors the movement of the web-site’s visitors, thus collecting data on how to optimize and enhance the web-site’s functionality. These files are not associated with your personal data that you have submitted to us.